Images of iphone screens for health+

A mobile app concept that provides patients with an easy way to manage their health.

View prototype in Adobe XD

Do we really need another medical app design?

There are an endless supply of medical app designs on the web today. What I found when researching competitors was that most designs had a confusing user flow with flashy UI that overpowered the functionality of the app. I found it vital to keep the flow simple and straightforward while following UX best practices. This allows the user to focus on the data and functionality which is what I found most important in a medical app.

Prescription iphone screen

It was essential to design a platform that gives patients control over their medication information and pharmacy choice. The app design has a built-in medication reminder which boosts medication adherence rates.

Health ID iphone screen

Another prominent design feature I implemented was a health ID that holds data about the patient. Data like conditions, allergies, medications, and what blood type the patient has is especially important when it comes to treatment from first responders at an accident scene.