Streetside Diner

A restaurant design concept that features a customizable look and feel. Small restaurants are supplied with the tools that allow them to compete with larger delivery apps.

View prototype in Adobe XD

Where did the idea come from?

With delivery apps taking control of the food delivery game, small restaurant owners deserve to take control of their own pick-up and delivery services. There is a need to level the playing field within the industry. What if there was a turn-key application that any restaurant could purchase and use themselves?


The app provides customers with an easy way to order food no matter what the circumstances are.

Streetside Diner is a turn-key application where the look and feel can be customized by the owner.


– Rewards program
– No waiting with dine-in checkout
– Delivery and pick up options
– Book reservations
– Look and feel customizable by restaurant owner

An app that allows small restaurants to compete

Mobile screen for delivery confirmation

There’s no need to outsource for delivery services now. A built in feature of Streetside makes it easy to provide delivery with no fees to a 3rd party. Restaurant owners can provide support and feedback to their customers directly which increases brand loyalty.

Most restaurants use open table to secure their reservation services. Streetside makes it easy with built in features.