DISCLAIMER: This is just for portfolio purposes. Memorial Health has not implemented the re-designed page.

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Website Re-Design

Analyzed and re-arranged content for improved engagement and readability for Memorial Health Website.

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What’s the point of re-designing a website after it’s deployed?

The web development life cycle is a never ending loop consisting of research, analysis, design, iteration, and development. Once a website is deployed, data is gathered from users which determines how a site is being used. User testing is another method commonly used to determine what works and doesn’t work for a website. Re-designing a website with with proven ways to engage users will increase traffic to a website and improve SEO.

How did I improve the design?

For this project, I organized and styled the content that the website was already using. All copy remained the same but styles and layout were changed in order to provide users with structure when reading the content.

This website is used by a hospital to teach potential patients about bariatric surgery. The original design featured a long single column where each paragraph rolled into the next. To fix this, I broke the page into three main sections which are marked by a grey background. This gives users a pause to understand the section has ended. The original design also talks about thing in comparison but users needed to scroll back and forth to compare. For better comparison analysis, I added bordered boxes next to each other so users can shift there eyes back and forth instead of needing to scroll. Another feature I implemented in my design is to provide the user with more CTA buttons throughout the page. In the original there was only one link that wasn’t very clear.